3D Embroidery

Also known as Puff Embroidery, is a special technique to give three dimensional appearance to embroidery. A layer of foam is placed under the area where the design will be embroidered. A high stitch density is used to cut the foam for easy removal, and the foam beneath the design will not show through.

The technique is most prominently used on embroidered baseball caps. We prefer using caps rather than flat garments because we have found that the extra foam does not hold up very well against constant washing. How many times do you wash your baseball caps?

Puff works best with simple designs that involve a lot of fill areas and don’t have any small, intricate details. If you want your text to really “pop” then this is the technique for you.

If you have any questions or just want to know if your logo will work with puff or what we can do to make it work then just contact us, we can help you.