3D Embroidery

3D Embroidery is a special technique to give three dimensional appearance to embroidery. High stitch densities and a special foam material are used in the embroidery process to create stitching that is raised up and displayed much more prominently on a cap. It can be used in combination with standard embroidery to make parts of your logo really pop!

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are a great way to make your entire logo stand out from the hat on which it’s applied. We can design and create a custom patch and apply it to nearly any cap.

Digitally Printed Patches

The sky is the limit with digitally printed patches. This technique provides image detail, resolution and shading that just isn’t possible with standard embroidered patches. It is an ideal medium for complex logos and artwork.

Laser Etched Patches

Looking for something a little different? Our laser etched faux leather patches present a whole new set of options to give a cap the vibe that you’re looking for. With multiple materials to choose from and fully customizable patch shapes, we can create the perfect cap just for you.

Our laser etching process isn’t just limited to two-tone designs, it also allows us to engrave full images on certain styles of leather material.


Applique isn’t just for shirts and jackets! We can laser cut a variety of materials, from twill and felt to metallic and reflective, and incorporate it into your logo for a unique and eye catching look.

Etched Visors

Our laser etching system also allows us to engrave text or graphics on the visors of certain hat styles. It’s an extra level of decoration that is sure to set your caps apart from all the rest!